‘Stop the loudspeakers of mosques’ hashtag goes viral in Arabic

Published February 10th, 2016 - 11:19 GMT
Mosques use loudspeakers to call worshipers to prayer.. (AFP/File)
Mosques use loudspeakers to call worshipers to prayer.. (AFP/File)

Earlier this week, the hashtag “Respect gay rights” went viral in Arabic and provoked a storm of controversy in the Arabic-speaking world. What apparently started as an effort to promote tolerance and acceptance descended into chaos as Twitter users, many from Saudi Arabia, expressed their revulsion and hatred for the LGBT movement.

Now a new trend is going viral, calling for the use of loudspeakers at mosques to be halted. Throughout the Islamic world, mosques call for worshipers to pray five times a day using loudspeakers. The sound often drowns out the hustle and bustle of city life, and while many people—including tourists—enjoy hearing it, there appears to be some who don’t.

The hashtag #اوقفوا_مكبرات_صوت_المساجد meaning “Stop the loudspeakers of mosques, is currently going viral in Arabic, and of course not everyone is too happy about it.

Some have expressed their desire for the sound to stop as it disturbs their sleep in the morning, while others have even gone as far as citing certain religious rulings which apparently forbid the use of loudspeakers.

See some of the comments on the issue below, via Twitter.

Some complained that the noise disrupted their studying and forced them to stay indoors. 


We have two mosques in the area I live in and we can’t go out to the yard due to noise, we can’t even study and we have always to close windows and use AC. 

One person even cited a non-binding religious ruling—a fatwa—which declared loudspeakers as forbidden. 


A fatwa by Sheikh Ibn Othaimein forbids the use of loudspeakers in mosques. He warned of 7 reasons why we shouldn't be using them.

Others consider the sound to be "uncivilized." 


Rarely do I see a positive hashtag. Yes, stop this noise, it is uncivilized, undeveloped and troublesome.

But—as was the case with the LGBT rights hashtag—the tone quickly changed, and Twitter users began denouncing the demands for a halt on the use of loudspeakers.



The best feeling in life is when you are asleep and you wake up spontaneously to the sound of "adan al fajr" because of the loudspeakers, without setting an alarm. Such a great blessing.  


Stop it? Isn't this something good that reminds us about God while we are too busy and we get lost in our stressful lives?

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