'5000 Saudi Riyals for the Best Patriotic Tweet' Promoted in Saudi Arabia

Published October 17th, 2018 - 01:03 GMT
Saudis releasing a hashtag "5000 riyals for best 5 patriotic tweets" in support of Saudi Arabia. (Rami Khoury/Bawaba)
Saudis releasing a hashtag "5000 riyals for best 5 patriotic tweets" in support of Saudi Arabia. (Rami Khoury/Bawaba)

As discussions over the Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi's disappearance have been rising among Saudi users on Twitter, as hashtag has offered 5000 riyals (1300 USD) for the 'most patriotic tweet.'

The latest was hashtag: [5000 riyals for best 5 patriotic tweets] ٥٠٠٠ ريال لأفضل ٥ تغريدات وطنية.

The hashtag has been climbing the trending list in Saudi Arabia for the last 24 hours with many Saudis tweeting about their love for the Kingdom and its leadership.

Some claim the hashtag was first triggered by Saudi bots on Twitter, the bots that are seen whenever there is any political crisis facing Saudi Arabia.

Others thought the hashtag is part of the Saudi authorities plan to control the damage caused for their publicity through the Khashoggi story.

Meanwhile, other Saudis shared their “patriotic” tweets with some poetic lines and graphics for King Salman and his Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Translation: “If stars were proud to have the moon in the sky, we are proud to have Salman on earth.”

Translation: “I am not waiting for anything in return for defending my home country, it is my duty to defend it.”

Few hours after the hashtag went viral with thousands of tweets, the original tweet that started it all and was posted by a Saudi account that has more than 2 million followers, then deleted for no reason mentioned.

Some raised speculations that the account owner might have faced threats from some security or governmental authorities.

This is not the first hashtag to fire up the Saudi social media since the Khashoggi story exploded into international consciousness. Several hashtags went viral among Saudis in support of their country against “rumors” being spread about the Kingdom's involvement in Khashoggi’s disappearance.

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