Amid scandal and suspicion, Jordan’s Parliament votes for Israeli investment

Published May 24th, 2016 - 03:59 GMT
Jordan's Parliament (AFP / File)
Jordan's Parliament (AFP / File)

After a controversial revote and widespread public outcry, Jordan’s Parliament has voted not to exclude Israel from its National Investment Fund.

The decision has provoked outrage  in Jordan after it emerged that the Parliament reversed its initial vote to leave Israel out of the deal, which will enable foreign companies to invest in Jordan. 

On Sunday morning Parliament members voted to exclude Israeli from the Jordanian Investment Fund, but in the evening session, a revote was called – and the majority of Parliament members instead voted to allow Israeli involvement. In a particularly shocking turn in the struggle over the new investment law, several vocally pro Palestine politicians voted in favour of trade with Israel.

Among them was Rodaina Al Ati, a member of Jordan's Palestine Committee who has made a name for herself by supporting the Palestinian cause.

Jordan’s Arab Progressive Baath Party expelled Al Ati for her vote, and social media users launched a campaign of ridicule and criticism against her.


It is not her fault it is our fault because we elected such a corrupted person.

This photograph is taken to be in her new elections campaign, she wants to convince people that she is patriotic.


It is not only her, everybody is using the Palestinian case to promote himself.


The Jordanian Investment Law establishes the Jordan Investment Fund, which oversees development projects, and which foreign funds can invest in. The decision to allow Israel to participate in the fund was seen as a blow to the BDS movement, especially in Israeli media.

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