Controversial Algerian Singer Dies During Plastic Surgery

Published January 8th, 2019 - 02:07 GMT
Houari Manar, a 38-year-old rai singer announced dead on Monday while undergoing a plastic surgery in Algeria. (Socialmedia)
Houari Manar, a 38-year-old rai singer announced dead on Monday while undergoing a plastic surgery in Algeria. (Socialmedia)

An Algerian rai singer, Houari Manar was confirmed dead on Monday by local media outlets and his close friends. However, the controversy over this singer's life continued after his death.

The first person to announce Manar’s death news was his colleague and friend Cheb Fayçal Sghir on Facebook.

Translation: “We belong to Allah and to him we return. Houari Manar is in God’s hands. Pray for him, brothers.”

Manar had, according to local media reports, died from a heart attack while undergoing plastic surgery in Algeria.

The news of the 38-year-old singer’s death had saddened his wide fan-base in North Africa and France as well as those who want to mourn him and remember his beautiful voice and his unique songs.

On the other hand, Manar has been a controversial public figure in Algeria. Especially after he was banned from appearing on local media outlets and banned from taking part in local festivals for his “bold” look and songs lyrics in which he had expressed his homosexuality.

Despite this, his songs were famous among Algerians, and had gained tens of millions of views on the internet.

In response to his death news, most of Manar's fans went to spontaneously pay tribute to him.

Many attacked him in addition to morally and religiously judging him, others went to refrain them from gloating in the death of anyone, whatever the reason was.

Translation: “Gloating over the death of a singer only because he was gay, is not only inappropriate for you as Algerians, it is also inappropriate for your humanity.”

Translation: “To the people who are trying to prevent others from praying for Manar, what is the matter with you? For a moment, I thought you will decide if he is going to go to hell or heaven. God will have a mercy on him while you won’t be healed from your sick minds.”

Others went to highlight another point that is worth debating over than his look, which is how would someone die during a plastic surgery in 2018.

Translation: “Everyone is debating over his life but no one talked about the failure of such a usual surgery in our country!”.

Translation: “A simple plastic surgery for a young guy fail this way? In a time while you can makeover your look and body and even your eyes color in one day in some Arab countries, plastic surgeries in Algeria is still light-years away.”

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