Daesh releases school books full of the group's doctrines

Published November 2nd, 2015 - 12:56 GMT
Daesh is teaching children how to count in an alternative way. (Twitter)
Daesh is teaching children how to count in an alternative way. (Twitter)

In Mosul, reports of Daesh (ISIS) burning a library containing thousands of books outraged the international community a few months ago. But that's not the extent of the group's brainwashing.

Now reports say Daesh has released the books used to teach elementary school kids the basics of math, history, physical education and, of course, religion.

Iraqi and Syrian social media users online have reported the new books and uploaded photos of their covers, showing the extent of Daesh's obsession with violence and occupation. 

The group's teachings start early — the math workbook used guns and grenades to show children how to count. 

From an apparent Daesh sympathizer:

A normal education:
I have 2 apples + 3 bananas = ?
Our education:
I have 2 Krinkovs + 3 Kalashnikovs = ?

You raise your kids your way, we will raise our kids our way, and we will see who will lead the future.

Then there's physical education, which basically explains how important it is to have a severely fatigued man always ready to fight. The history book is dominated by Islamic battles, the Prophet Muhammed, Mecca and Medina. 
Here's a translation from the book on religious teachings
Democracy: A new infidel terminology that must be known and studied. A system of government in which power is vested in the people, Peaceful circulation of authority, separation between authorities to insure independence, Independence of judiciary, respect human rights and law enforcement on all.
Every sentence mentioned above in its “democratic concept” is major infidelity.
By Hayat Norimine

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