Daring Egyptian woman seeks sperm donor online

Published January 23rd, 2017 - 02:22 GMT
Advertisement for London Sperm Bank on the London Underground (Flickr)
Advertisement for London Sperm Bank on the London Underground (Flickr)

Egypt is still reeling after a “single mother” received an outpouring of abuse online earlier this month. But now, another young woman has sparked controversy in the country with her unorthodox child-rearing plans.

A Facebook new page, “I [want to] buy a man”, has been launched with the surprising goal of finding a sperm donor. Scoop Empire reported that the woman behind the page is Sherihan Nour Eldin, a 35-year-old Egyptian.

The following post details the daring woman’s story:

Nour Eldin writes “Children are the sweetest thing in this world... if I was able, I would have had a dozen. But I have not married, and I don't want to marry.”

“I’m very successful in my career, I live a comfortable lifestyle and I don't need anyone to materially support me... but I am so scared of being lonely. The only possible solution in front of me is to become a mother,” she continues.

“I began to ask about the subject of freezing my eggs in order to lengthen the period in which I can become pregnant. However, I did some tests and discovered that I have a problem and that my likelihood of pregnancy is 40%, and that the longer time goes by, the lower my chance of motherhood becomes.”

“I have decided to undertake IVF with someone who is willing to donate his sperm in exchange for money,” Nour Eldin concludes.

While becoming pregnant from an unknown donor is not uncommon in the West, marriage between a man and a woman is generally felt to be the only appropriate context for raising children in the Arab world.

Not unexpectedly, then, this woman’s unusual request has prompted controversy online. The donor-seeker posted that: “Since yesterday evening there was a horrific attack on my first page #IBuyAMan and today my account was shut down... I have made a new page, which I am in the process of completing.”

Among the thousands of comments already posted on her new page, which has already been liked more than 6,000 times, many were very critical:

Why don’t you just get married, it would be better than these words?

If you don't get married it will remain adultery. We're not abroad, children have to come i the context of marriage. Say you want to get married but that he won't be responsible for anything and you won't demand anything of him.

That is called adultery and he will be a bastard (a son of sin). This is a calamity and she has unloaded it upon us.

Meanwhile, her page was also flooded with young men offering their services and providing their phone numbers, perhaps misunderstanding what “donation” would involve.

With the marriage age rising across the Middle East, and more liberal social attitudes spreading, might we be seeing more young women seeking such a novel way to start a family?


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