Does Saad Hariri’s Son Actually Serve in the British Army?

Published December 17th, 2018 - 02:01 GMT
Lebanon's PM Saad Hariri in London while attending his son's graduation from a royal British military academy. (Twitter)
Lebanon's PM Saad Hariri in London while attending his son's graduation from a royal British military academy. (Twitter)

It is normal for a Prime Minister to celebrate his son’s graduation by posting a photo on  social media and express pride in him. What is unusual is for it to receive criticism and spark attacks on the premier and his family.

There was much debate and response among the Lebanese on the social media after Prime Minister Saad Hariri posted a photo of his son’s graduation from the Royal Military College of Sandhurst in the UK.

On his Instagram, Hariri posted a photo of his son while performing the military salute to his father with a caption that red: “Far from my job as a politician, today I am proud of my job as a father.”

The image went viral and Lebanese took to the social media to congratulate the prime minister and his son.

However, some people thought differently.

Some conspiracy theorists went to criticize the Premier's son accusing him of being employed by the British army.

Translation: “Corrected: The son of our current Prime Minister (and will be our PM for a quarter a decade) is wearing a foreign military uniform and proud of it to the level that he is going to explode while performing the military salute to his father, Lord of Wadi Abu Jamil [Where Hariri currently lives]. Guys, what is this cute country that is called Lebanon coming to? We have a French-Saudi Prime Minister and his son is a British soldier!”.

The trend gathered momentum and more people seemed to like it.

Translation: “The Lebanese PM who is a Saudi citizen is congratulating his British soldier son, Hussam, on his graduation with his Syrian wife and French children attending. This comes after he called his Iraqi mother.”

Meanwhile, as many went to debunk this theory, others thought it is his right as a human tbeing o celebrate his son’s military graduation without much fuss from the social media and his Lebanese compatriots.

Translation: “The whole story on Saad Hariri and criticism of his son’s studying abroad is not a really a topic to criticize. All leaders had studied abroad and now their children are studying abroad, from Aoun [Lebanon’s president] to Hariri, Berri [Speaker of the Parliament ] to the MPs and ministers. The criticism should surely be is how come those leaders are convincing us to stay in the country while they do not let their children graduate from here? Anyway, we are not staying here because we like it, it is because we don’t afford leaving.”

Besides other Lebanese officials, Hariri have been under fire lately, as the government formation crisis has been mounting up for the last eight months.

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