Egyptian Girl Pranks Social Media Over 'NASA BBQ' Party With Ellen, Netflix and SpaceX

Published October 28th, 2018 - 12:01 GMT
Sarah Abulkheir, an Egyptian AUC student who fooled people into a prank about a BBQ party with NASA. (Socialmedia)
Sarah Abulkheir, an Egyptian AUC student who fooled people into a prank about a BBQ party with NASA. (Socialmedia)

Sarah Abulkhair, a student in the American University in Cairo, has been grabbing social media attention and news headlines in Egypt and the Middle East during the past week, for “allegedly” being called by NASA after suggesting a proposal that will end hunger and save the planet.

The story all started earlier last week when Sarah posted on her Instagram that she contacted NASA to suggest a project that will help solve world hunger, save energy, increase employment satisfaction, and help the company against its rival SpaceX.

Sarah’s proposal involved suggesting that NASA start placing meat underneath the rockets before launching so the meat will be cooked on the rocket fire.

Shortly after, Sarah shared screenshots claiming she was contacted by NASA who were stunned by her proposal. The NASA conversation was followed by another one in which Sarah claimed, SpaceX contacted her offering a rival offer.

Sarah also shared a thread with more photoshopped screenshots claiming that offers from major companies and media figures pouring in after her announcement; like Netflix, Buzzfeed and Ellen DeGeneres.

The story has been well-received on social media with people and even news websites writing about it.

Shortly after, Sarah went to make the big announcement in an Instagram story. She confirmed that the whole news was fake and that she was doing a “social experiment” in which she wanted to prove the futility of social media and how fake people can get fame easily.

The story was a shock to many social media users who admitted they were fooled into it and others who accused Sarah of trying to gain fame through such a prank.

Translation: “After I was fooled into her story, it turned out to be a prank!”

Others said they were doubting the credibility of the story from the first moment.

Translation: “Regarding Sarah Abulkheir and Nada and the BBQ Party thing and that everything turned out to be a prank! I just wanna say that from the first moment my friend saw Sarah’s screenshots and the message of NASA writing “to much” she said that NASA will not send a message with typos and write “to” instead of “too”.

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