Eight Years After Revolution the Hafez Assad Statue Leads Syrians to Protest Again

Published March 12th, 2019 - 12:26 GMT

Syrians have returned to streets of Daraa city. The reason is a new statue of the late father of the president, Hafez Assad.

As taking down the statue in 2011 was the sign of the start of the revolution, Syrian forces returned to Daraa city on Sunday to reinstate a new bronze statue of Hafez Assad replacing the old one. The day was announced as an official holiday for public workers and students to join a festival celebrating the new statue.

In a city like Daraa, that is referred to as “the cradle of the revolution. A few days before the 8th anniversary of the uprising millions of Syrians went peacefully to streets to demand a regime change, people did not receive it well.

Hundreds of Daraa residents went to streets to protest erecting the new statue and their disappointment after Assad’s forces gained full control of the city from rebels in July 2018.

Protesters were shouting “Syria is for us, not for the Assads”.

Translation: “Protests in Daraa calling to overthrow Bashar Assad and denounce reinstating the new Hafez Assad statue.”

Online footage of the protest went viral. It was described as the largest of its kind since 2011.

It also received massive support from Syrians outside and inside Syria, who considered the statue one reason behind the first revolition, and a significant reason why Syrians are back in the streets after 8 years.

Translation: “Daraa protest in 2011 triggered the Syrian Revolution, but I guess yesterday’s Daraa protest came to announce the end of the revolution while the statue remained [in its place].”

Meanwhile, hashtag “#رح_يقع” [It will be taken down] was launched by Syrian activists who went to post photos of them while having “رح_يقع” written on their hands and supporting the protesters.

Translation: “It will be taken down. Daraa, the revolution.”

Eight years after Syrians decided to go to streets and demand their freedom from the Assads who have been ruling the country with an iron fist for more than 40 years now, Hafez Assad’s statue returns to the city and remind its residents of the fact that the revolution did not end yet.

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