The Elusive Mohammed Dahlan and a Possible Connection to Khashoggi

Published November 20th, 2018 - 01:32 GMT
Mohammed Dahlan served as a security chief for Fatah in Gaza Strip for around two decades before being dismissed from Fatah on charges of corruption.
Mohammed Dahlan served as a security chief for Fatah in Gaza Strip for around two decades before being dismissed from Fatah on charges of corruption.

Amid more developments being revealed in the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, one name keeps surfacing indirectly. Mohammed Dahlan is a name well known in the Levant. His role in the incident is becoming the source of rumour. 

The Turkish Yeni Safak newspaper reported that few days following Khashoggi’s killing, a team of four people arrived in Istanbul to cover up the crime and erase any evidence might be found inside the Saudi consulate.

The report highlighted that the team was dispatched by Mohammed Dahlan, a powerful friend of UAE Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed of a Palestinian origin, a former security chief of Palestine Preventive Security in Gaza and a dismissed member from Fatah.

According to Yeni Safak, the same team that was sent to Istanbul is accused of being behind the assassination of senior Hamas official, Mahmoud al Mabhouh who was killed in Dubai in 2010.

Known as “Hitman” or the “Strong Man”, Mohammed Dahlan’s name has been rising in the Middle East with lots of controversies surrounding him.

His star started to rise after he served as a security chief of Fatah in Gaza Strip in the time of Yasser Arafat in 1994. Later, he became closer to Mahmoud Abbas and was seen as his successor. However, in 2011, Fatah announced expelling him from the party with charges of “criminal and financial cases”.

Since then, Dahlan fled the Palestinian territories to Dubai where he has been living there with the help of his close friend, Mohammed Bin Zayed.

His name was associated in cases of spying for Israel and assassinations carried out in different parts of the Middle East. Meanwhile, his shadow is still present in Gaza where he has been fueling many families with cash to guarantee their alliance and support.

Translation: "SMS messages were received on mobiles crowding people to take part in “Ahrar”’s festival to commemorate Yasser Arafat’s anniversary.”

In Yemen, he has formed an assassination squad in cooperation with Israel spyware to carry out targeted killings in Yemen on behalf of the UAE.

The “Hitman” is also believed to be meddling in Egypt, Libya, and Tunisia. Dahlan is involved in forming a counter-revolution movement supported by UAE to curb the Egyptian 25 January Revolution consequences by empowering current President, Abdel Fattah Sisi.

Lately in Jordan, Mohammed Dahlan has been accused of killing a Jordanian journalist and a brother of former-minister, Sami Maaytah, who was found killed in Amman a few days after he threatened to reveal a list of Jordanian public names related to Dahlan. While no official commented on the story, fingers of accusation were pointed toward Dahlan and insiders in Jordan.

Translation: “The Jordanian journalist and activist, Sami Mayyatah was found killed after being shot in head in Zarqa. Maaytah had threatened few days ago to release a story with list of names and bank accounts in Jordan related to a Palestinian figure in Dubai.”

Despite his weak presence on media, Dahlan is believed to be managing a major geopolitical game in the region with no clear end in sight.

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