Fresh from Khashoggi Bone Sawing, Bin Salman Hits Up a Club in Abu Dhabi (No Really, Video)

Published November 25th, 2018 - 08:46 GMT

On his arrival to the UAE, a video of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman and his close ally Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed, was shared widely on social media.

In the video, both princes were seen partying in what seems like a bar or nightclub with people rushing to take photos with them and videos.


Translation: The Saudi Crown Prince embarrasses the religious board of scholars in his country when he attended a dinner reception with the presence of half-dressed women which is prohibited by the religious establishment of the nationals in the Kingdom with bloggers asking to the fatwa authority (@ssa_at). Does this fatwa apply to officials or is it only on nationals?

Opinions on social media were mixed, between criticizing MBS for the Khashoggi killing and the international unrest he is causing while he is partying in Abu Dhabi, and others were outraged because parties are banned in Saudi Arabia, for what is claimed to be religious reasons. Meanwhile, the Crown Prince is having his own share of parties outside the country.

The MBS visit to Abu Dhabi came on the first stop of an international tour, underlined by attending the two-day Group of 20 Summit with world leaders.


Al Bawaba could not verify the source and place of the video.

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