'He can bring a bomb on board but I can't bring a frozen chicken?' Hilarious anecdotes from the hijacked Egypt Air flight

Published March 30th, 2016 - 12:34 GMT
An Egypt Air plane pictured last year. (photo: AFP)
An Egypt Air plane pictured last year. (photo: AFP)

One of the passengers on the hijacked Egypt Air flight had a hilarious, heart-warming take on the horrific event. 

The passenger, AbdAllah El Ashmawy, wrote his account of events on Facebook on Wednesday morning, describing some of the more unexpected aspects of the hijacking. 

"Egypt airlines crew were really professional dealing with the situation and tried as much as possible to calm all the passengers especially the ladies flight attendants who managed to keep a smile all through the flight," he wrote. "I can see one of them crying at her front seat but once she stands up again she keeps her smile just to calm people."

There were some funny moments, too. 

One man was apparently calling his wife "to tell her about some money he was hiding in a bank," El Ashmawy wrote. "And the funniest part is his wife forgetting about the Hijack thing and asking him to repeat the bank name."

Another comical moment occurred when a passenger who had a frozen chicken in his handbag became irate that after the hostage negotiations were over and the passengers were boarding planes to return to Egypt, airline security wouldn't let him bring the chicken on the flight back to Cairo.

"He was so angry they are taking his farkha el baladi [local chicken] so the security guard, to end this funny discussion, told him they will put it in the fridge for him, leaving him [the passenger] shouting 'bet3ado hezam nasef we mesh 3ayezni akhod farkheti,'" which translates to "You guys let him take his explosive belt [on the plane] but you won't let me take my chicken?"

You can read the full post below. 


Alhamdu Lellah who saved and protected us through this ordeal. Thank you all for your calls and messages.I arrived...

Posted by AbdAllah El Ashmawy on Tuesday, March 29, 2016



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