Israeli soldiers take selfies at checkpoint while Palestinians wait (PHOTO)

Published April 28th, 2016 - 04:43 GMT
Israeli soldiers taking a selfie. (image: Twitter/@iFalasteen)
Israeli soldiers taking a selfie. (image: Twitter/@iFalasteen)

Four Israeli soldiers made a group of Palestinians wait at a checkpoint while they took a selfie, according to a photo posted to Twitter on Thursday.  

Public speaker Abbas Sarsour posted this disturbing image on Thursday: 

It was not immediately clear where or when the photo was taken. Sarsour told Al Bawaba the photo was sent to him by a friend who had screen-shotted it from a Facebook page, but that he didn't know who had originally taken it. 

In any case, it's certainly not the first time that selfies have entered into the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In 2013, a group of female Israeli soldiers were disciplined after posting nude photos of themselves holding their weapons.  

Since Israelis enter the army at the relatively young age of 18, they are known for being active on social media, often to the detriment of their jobs. In 2012, a spokesman for the Israel Defense Forces got in trouble after posting a photo of himself with his face covered in mud, tagging the post "Obama style." Many people found the image to be racist. 

Palestinians are fond of selfies, too. Last year, a Palestinian hip-hop artist posted a selfie that supposedly showed him being chased by two Israeli soldiers:

The image went viral but was later found to be a publicity stunt. 


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