Killed in Egypt: Egyptians Honor their Victims After Eight Years of Revolution

Published February 3rd, 2019 - 11:52 GMT

As Egyptians are remembering the anniversary of their 2011 revolution now for the eighth year, time is being spent to honor the victims who lost their lives for the revolution.

A new campaign was launched by a group of activists to remember all those killed in Egypt since the 2011 uprising in the country, as the Egyptian authorities have been launching a crackdown on critical voices.

The website “Killed in Egypt-قتل في مصر” was launched with aim to document the victims of the “extrajudicial killings” that have taken place in Egypt since 2011, during the two governments that ruled the country; the one of the elected Islamist president, Mohamed Morsi and the one of Abdul Fattah Sisi that launched a military coup on Morsi.

According to activists, the initiative was first launched by a team of independent intellectuals interested in Egypt. It aims to honor the victims, remind the world of them and support their families.

In the website that was launched on January 25, the day that commemorates the beginning of the revolution, more than 200 victims are being documented with short briefs on their history, background, age and how they died.

On social media, the initiative received massive support.

Twitter users went to share names and photos of their friends or relatives who were victims of the Egyptian regime during the 8-year period of time.

For the past eight years, Egyptians have been commemorating the revolution each year with hopes that it will achieve its aims; an improved standard of living, freedom and social equality. However, currently Egyptians have been going from bad to worse under the Sisi regime who launched crackdowns on freedoms, media and worsening the economic situation.

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