'Let Them Eat Cake': Grand Mufti Suggests Poor Egyptians Survive off Candy

Published July 11th, 2018 - 10:58 GMT
The former Grand Mufti of Egypt, Ali Gomaa, had made remarks suggesting an "effective" solution for Egyptians to face high prices. (Youtube)
The former Grand Mufti of Egypt, Ali Gomaa, had made remarks suggesting an "effective" solution for Egyptians to face high prices. (Youtube)

As Egyptians have been struggling to earn enough to survive, fake nutritional information from a government supported imam is here to save the day.

Ali Gomaa, the former grand Mufti of Egypt and one of the most prominent imams in the country was defending the latest austerity measures that had hardened the Egyptians daily lives, yet he might have taken it too far…

On a local TV channel, Gomaa was addressing Egyptians who complain the increase in meat prices as they became unable to afford it anymore. He went on to give nutritional advice about the number of needed calories for individuals per day, suggesting substituting meat with cakes, could be the answer!

"You all complain that meat is too expensive and you say what are we going to eat?... If you eat two pieces of cake, then that is it, you won’t need a breakfast or dinner..”

Translation: “Ali Gomaa: Eat two pieces of cake if you could not afford meat,  “If ye are grateful, I will add more (favours) unto you”. [The last quote is a verse from Quran]

Gomaa went on to explain his point of view: “Allah created us needing 3200 calories per day, and one piece of cake contains 900, which means if I ate two pieces then that will be enough and I won’t need a breakfast or a dinner or whatever else."

Translation: “So, the two pieces of cakes will count a 1800 calories, where are the rest of the 3200 [the needed amount].”

The imam who seems obviously ignorant of any nutritional knowledge, made himself a subject of mockery. Egyptians are already calling for President Abdel Fattah Sisi to resign, following the latest slash in fuel prices and transportation.

The video flooded the Egyptian social media as users went to criticize the imam for justifying any decision taken by the government, as if for the benefit of the people.

Some users described the imam as the Egyptian version of Marie Antoinette, the French Queen who is famous for her phrase: "Then let them eat bread”, when told that the peasants had no bread.

Translation: “He is exactly like Marie Antoinette when she said: “If there was not bread for the poor, let them eat cake”, and she ended up executed with her husband.”

Mohamed addressed the imam, sarcastically, asking him what should he do if he had Diabetes.

Translation: “But what people who had Diabetes, like me, should eat?”

Ahmed Elkhateeb pretended he was convinced by the imam’s solution, but found meat cheaper if he wanted to get each individual of his family two pieces of cakes on daily basis.

Translation: “A family of two individuals will need 20 pieces of cake per day. The average price of each piece is 15 EGP, which amounts to 300 EGP per day. No Sir, I am going to keep it on meat, as it is cheaper.”

In fact, the imam’s humourous attempt to justify his government’s decisions do have a serious side, as many Egyptians can no longer provide enough to look after thier children.

Sisi floated the Egyptian pound in 2016, in addition to crackdowns on many freedoms inside the country.

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