Minnesota Passes Hands-Free ‘Cellphone Inside Hijab’ Rule

Published March 27th, 2019 - 01:44 GMT

An amended version of Minnesota’s “hands-free bill” that aims to ban drivers from using cellphones on roads, has been approved by the state’s Senate on Monday to exclude women who tuck the phone into their headscarf while driving.

Joining another 16 states, Minnesota has now limited their drivers’ use of cellphones while driving and the bill is expected to soon be signed into law.

However, the bill included a few unusual rules for hands-free cellphone use, including the use of headscarf or hijab to hold the phone.

The law has a section explaining how hands-free mode means the attachment of an “accessory, application, wireless connection, or built-in feature of a wireless communications device or vehicle that allows the person to use the device without the use of either hand except to activate or deactivate a feature or function."

It specifically adds that this includes "the use of a scarf or hijab or other items of clothing to hold a device in a hands-free manner."

The bill that was first introduced by Senator Bobby Joe Champion, has, in fact, took the Senate several hours of debate before successfully approving it in the end.

According to Senator Champion, this law would help defuse concerns of racial profiling, since the police wouldn't need to spot another infraction to stop a motorist.

On the internet, the news has received positive comments, especially among Muslim hijabis.

The news has also been received with jokes.

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