A more LGBT-friendly Middle East? Kurds march in Sweden’s Pride parade

Published August 3rd, 2016 - 10:43 GMT
An LGBT demonstration in Sweden (AFP)
An LGBT demonstration in Sweden (AFP)

Is the Middle East becoming a more LGBT-friendly place? A band with LGBT members-Mashrou’ Leila-is one of the region’s most popular musical acts, Israel just had its biggest pride parade ever, and now, some Kurds participated in Stockholm, Sweden’s annual LGBT festival, Rudaw reports.

“I know of many cases in Iran where gay people have been condemned to death for their sexual orientation,” said Jaafari, an Iranian Kurd, to Rudaw. Jaafari attended to show solidarity with his LGBT friends’ strive for acceptance.

A group called Kurdish friends of the LGBT was reportedly in attendance as well.

Homosexuality remains taboo in much of Kurdish society, the Iraqi Kurdistan-based Rudaw points out.

However, it appears some Kurds are warming up to LGBT people, especially among Europe’s large Kurdish population. One European Kurd tweeted the following on Kurdish participation in the event:

Kurds in Europe have took part in similar demonstrations over the past few years.



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