Moroccan Islamist politician busted for having sex in car...with fellow party member!

Published August 22nd, 2016 - 09:32 GMT
Downtown Rabat, Morocco's capital city (Wikipedia Commons)
Downtown Rabat, Morocco's capital city (Wikipedia Commons)

A Moroccan member of the Reform and Unification Movement wing of the leading Justice and Development Party was arrested by police Sunday for having sex in a car near the beach with a female fellow party member. The arrested man is one Mouladi Amr bin Mohammad, an Arabic-language article from Erem News by Widad al-Ranami reports.

According to the article, bin Mohammad first told police Fatima al-Najar was his wife, but when they found out he wasn’t, tried to bribe them. This further fanned the flames, and they will both face trial. Between the two of them, they are facing charges of marital infidelity and bribery.

According to Human Rights Watch, adultery sentences in Morocco can go up to nearly a year.


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