MTV Lebanon Claims Syrian Refugees Behind Growing Cancer Rates

Published September 6th, 2018 - 01:22 GMT
Lebanon says it is hosting 1.5 million Syrians who reside in several places around the country. (AFP/File)
Lebanon says it is hosting 1.5 million Syrians who reside in several places around the country. (AFP/File)

Lebanese social media exploded in anger on Thursday over a report released by MTV Lebanon website on the increasing rates of cancer patients in Lebanon. The report attributes it to two main reasons; one of them is the growing number of Syrian refugees in the country.

The report cites a doctor who suggests that the high birth rate of Syrian refugees in Lebanon is a “direct” reason behind increasing cancer patients. “Those who live in bad circumstances forcibly, they gain a seriously dangerous bacteria that might cause diseases for human bodies.”

Additionally, the doctor adds another reason behind the growing rates of cancer patients which is the garbage crisis in Lebanon.

The MTV report ignited outrage among Lebanese as well as Syrians for the racist implications it contained.

Lebanese went to a hashtag called: “قناة العنصرية MTV” which means: “MTV is the racist channel” calling for boycotting the channel and taking a serious action against the doctor mentioned in the report for spreading hate-speech.

Leyal Haddad, a Lebanese journalist called her country “The country of Neo-Nazis” due to the growing racist calls inside the country that trigger hate and racism against Syrian refugees.

Translation: “MTV Channel got a doctor to confirm that Syrian refugees are the reason behind growing rates of cancer in Lebanon. And as we all know, when you get a doctor to spread racist claims not based on statistics, you are not the racist anymore.”

The Syrian refugee crisis is becoming more of an issue among Lebanese society who are blaming refugees for the deteriorating economic and social crisis in their country, despite the fact that Lebanon has been suffering social problems almost since before the Syrian war.

The latest remarks were made by Lebanon's Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil. He blamed the country's downtrodden economy on the Syrian refugees. He also warned earlier that he will fight any policies of resettling refugees inside Lebanon.

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