Muslim Parents Continue Protesting LGBT+ Classes in UK's Birmingham

Published March 20th, 2019 - 12:06 GMT
Muslim parents protesting the 'No Outsiders' program that offers classes teaching kids about LGBT+. (Twitter)
Muslim parents protesting the 'No Outsiders' program that offers classes teaching kids about LGBT+. (Twitter)

The UK row over Birmingham schools decision to create a program teaching pupils about LGBT rights is still ongoing.

Earlier this month, Parkfield community school in Saltley, Birmingham was the first school to stop the lessons after hundreds of children were withdrawn by parents amid fears of their kids being “indoctrinated”. More schools have agreed to put the course on hold until further agreement reached with parents.

The program called “No Outsiders” was first created in 2014 aiming at challenging homophobia and encourage tolerance and differences between children. However, it was widely criticized by conservative families.

Meanwhile, Parkfield school and other four schools that had around 600 Muslim students or more, have witnessing weekly protests by parents who pulled their children arguing they are too young to be taught about same-sex marriages and LGBT rights in the classroom.

One of the mothers was cited by the Guardian rejecting being called homophobic, rather they see the lessons as inappropriate as it will confuse the kids. “They need to be allowed to be children rather than having to constantly think about equalities and rights.”

Between welcoming the suspension of the lessons and others opposing it, the backlash had led to controversy over the "religious privilege" or the tolerance and accepting others. It also highlighted the clash among UK policymakers of the pro-Islamists left and the anti-immigrant conservative right-wing.

On top of this, Muslims were criticized for opposing diversity and teaching kids to accept the other in a time when they, besides other minorities, including the LGBT+ community, are facing intolerance and calling for more respect and acceptance of the differences.

For Khakan Qureshi, a gay Muslim activist who runs Birmingham South Asian LGBT who is involved in the “No Outsiders” program matter, he supported the need for the lessons.

Khakan has also indicated that some of the Muslim families who do not want their kids to get any sex education at all as part of the issue.

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