One Gaza man is selling his kidney to feed his family

Published May 10th, 2016 - 08:58 GMT
Life in Gaza has become so tough that some people are selling their organs (AFP / Mohamed al Sherbeny)
Life in Gaza has become so tough that some people are selling their organs (AFP / Mohamed al Sherbeny)

A 33-year-old man has posted his own kidney for sale on Facebook – because the poverty of his life in Gaza has become unbearable.

The man, who lives in Khan Younis and is a graduate of communication engineering, said he was seeking to sell his kidney as soon as possible to secure a decent life for himself and his family. Al-Bawaba has not disclosed his name to protect his identity. 

He told Al Bawaba that he was serious about the offer and was willing to undergo surgery as soon as possible.

His plight was publicised with a Facebook post yesterday, which included his name and a photograph as well as his phone number.

“I here commit being ready to help with one of my kidneys  for a house and amount of money or a job. I can’t stand this life any more,” the post wrote. “I hope that anyone who sees this post to share it so that selling can go as fast as possible.”

He added that he was ready to do all necessary medical checks and that he was available to discuss the possibility between twelve and six pm every day. The buyer for his kidney, he explained, would be responsible for arranging a doctor and travel.

In an interview with Al Bawaba, the man said he had no fixed sum for his kidney but would accept any amount to secure a decent life.

“If I were single i would not have thought to sell my kidney,” he said over the phone, adding that he was currently unemployed. “Most unemployed men are suffering, how can you live without a salary?

“It’s not only me that suffers there is a big amount of suffering in Gaza,” he continued. He added that he is not the only person turning to such drastic measures, and said other in the beleagured strip are seeking to sell their organs for money. The unemployment rate in Gaza is around 43%, one of the highest in the world. 

Commentors to the Facebook post expressed shock at the extreme measure the man was taking to feed his family.

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