Only in Hungary: pig heads and scarecrows to scare refugees

Published August 22nd, 2016 - 10:23 GMT
Hungarian border police apparently made the scarecrows (AFP/Sandor Gemesi)
Hungarian border police apparently made the scarecrows (AFP/Sandor Gemesi)

Hungary has been one of the least open of EU states to Syrian and other refugees, and closed its southern border in 2015. They even once put ads in Jordanian and Lebanese papers telling refugees not to come to Hungary. But now, some Hungarians are endorsing a new refugee deterrent: scarecrows, and one politician wants pig heads too.

According to an article in The Washington Post by Ishaan Taroor, there are now several makeshift scarecrows at one Hungarian border area. The scarecrows were apparently made by security forces-as civilians have little access to the area-and were first tweeted by Hungarian journalist Szabolcs Panyi.

But that’s not the only defense tactic being endorsed.

As the above tweet explains, it appears member of the European Parliament Gyorgy Schopflin is open to using pig heads to scare away refugees too. Pork is a forbidden meat in Islam, the religion of most of those heading for the EU nowadays.

The Twitter exchange between Andrew Stroehlein of Human Rights Watch (HRW) and Schopflin began when the former tweeted about the scarecrows. Schopflin then suggested pig heads would be more effective. Next, Stroehlein called Schopflin “xenophobic” and other harsh words. Schopflin barked back by attacking Stroehlein’s use of strong language, and wished him a “pleasant evening.”

In the meantime, the effect the scarecrows will have on Hungary’s border security remain to be seen.


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