Pakistani Fatwa calls honor killings un-Islamic and un-pardonable sins.

Published June 14th, 2016 - 12:41 GMT
The flag of Pakistan
The flag of Pakistan

In a ruling by the Sunni Ittihad Council in Pakistan (the largest political and religious coalition in the country), some 40 religious leaders issued a fatwa (Islamic ruling) condemning honor killings, calling the practice "un-Islamic" and adding that those who have killed women and girls over matters of family honor have committed "un-pardonable sins". The fatwa also calls on the political establishment in Pakistan to take the necessary legislative steps to curtail honor killings, and asserts that it is the responsibility of an Islamic government to protect women and girls.

The fatwa comes after string of recent honor killings, which the scholars call evidence of social and political degredation. In the days just prior to the issuing of the fatwa, a 17 year old woman was tied to her bed and burned alive by her mother for eloping with her boyfriend in Lahore. In Murree earlier this month, another woman, 19, was tortured and burned to death for refusing a marriage proposal.

Honor killings are a social issue throughout the region, with an estimated 1,000 or more happening annually in Pakistan

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