Royal Jordanian raises eyebrows with cheeky ad

Published October 30th, 2016 - 03:29 GMT
Jordan's national carrier (File)
Jordan's national carrier (File)

The mantra that sex sells is among the most commonly repeated in the world of advertising. And this week it appears that Jordan has decided to get in on the raunchy act.

Royal Jordanian, the Kingdom’s national airline, raised eyebrows on Sunday with a cheeky advert that bragged about the “inches” on offer on its planes. 

The inches in question were a reference to the amount of legroom on flights.

But this was only revealed after the question “how many inches is yours?” was posed, followed by a list of national lengths. 


The innuendo – apparently based solely on the fact that male genitalia is also frequently measured in inches – was too much to bear for much of Jordanian Twitter.


Most people were furious at the sexual connotations of the advertisement, but the general inconsistency of the pun itself was perhaps at the root of much unease. Beyond the fact that both are being measured in inches, legroom on planes and male junk have almost nothing in common. The lengths in question are completely different. Sixty inches is nothing to brag about, it’s terrifying, and biologically impossible. 

The response was not universally negative however. Many tweeters applauded the pun as groundbreaking for the Jordanian market, and a smart move that did the job it was meant to.

Sowill all publicity be good publicity in this case? The proof will likely be in the profits for Royal Jordanian.


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