Saudi man accuses ex-wife of adultery, he and his lawyer get 80 lashes

Published October 3rd, 2016 - 02:21 GMT
The Saudi capital of Riyadh (AFP/File)
The Saudi capital of Riyadh (AFP/File)

A story is circulating on Arabic-language media today of a man who accused his ex-wife of adultery, and then he received 80 lashes.

Originally appearing the Saudi newspaper Al-Watan, the man, along with his lawyer, received the lashes for slander. He and his ex-wife were in a Shariah court in Riyadh to determine who would gain custody of their children. The man accused her of adultery, but the court deemed the allegations to be unproven. He was then sentenced to receive 80 lashes for his allegation, as was his lawyer.

Basically, the man and his lawyer failed to prove her adultery, according to a court source cited in the article. The article points out that one must bring four witnesses to prove adultery in such a court, or the perpetrator must admit to doing it. The man apparently failed to meet these criterion.

What makes the article interesting is that Saudi was more recently in the news for a woman being given a death sentence for adultery. In 2015, a Sri Lankan woman in Riyadh was sentenced to death for cheating on her husband. The man she had the affair with received 100 lashes, in comparison, although her sentence was later reduced to 3 years.

However, in this latest instance, it was the man who received punishment in an adultery-related case.



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