Saudi Tweeps: Jordan Will be 'Saved by Salman'

Published June 10th, 2018 - 11:33 GMT
King Abdullah is attending a summit hosted in Saudi Arabia and attended by Kuwait and the UAE to discuss economic crisis of Jordan. (AFP/File Photo)
King Abdullah is attending a summit hosted in Saudi Arabia and attended by Kuwait and the UAE to discuss economic crisis of Jordan. (AFP/File Photo)

On Sunday, Jordan is invited to a meeting hosted by Saudi Arabia to discuss the current economic crisis in the country. The meeting will be attended by Saudi King Salman, Jordan's King Abdullah II, Kuwait's Emir Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Sabah and the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

The meeting comes after 7-day protests rocked Jordan last week, calling Mulki’s government to resign after rising prices of fuel, electricity and a new income tax bill intended to reduce the country’s financial deficits and debts. Protests resulted in replacing Mulki with the former Education Minister, Omar Al Razzaz.

While Jordan’s economic crisis was partially caused by the failure of Mulki’s government, there is an implicit suggestion that pressure has mounted from Saudi Arabia, who has been attempting to strong-arm Jordan into accepting the latest US decision on Jerusalem

This pressure involved cutting aid to Jordan, as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and UAE did not renew the financial assistance program that is worth $3.6bn since 2017. Jordan's economy relies on aid.

In an infographic released by the non-profit project, Infographic KSA, the title reads: “Jordan is safe by the help of Salman”, referring to Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz.

Also, a hashtag called: “السعودية_الاردن_بلد_واحد” or “Saudi Arabia and Jordan are one country” was launched among social media users in Saudi Arabia. Many users went to express their gratitude for the Saudi King for his "honourable position" in supporting their neighbour, Jordan.

Ali Al Alyani, the Saudi TV presenter wrote:

Translation: “Jordanians and Jordan’s government are in our hearts as well as the beloved King Abdullah II.”

Jordan in our hearts the government and people and the Dear King Abdullah II bin Al Hussein #السعودية_الاردن_بلد_واحد

Bader Asaker, the head of private office for HRH the crown prince tweeted a poem verse praising Saudi Arabia and Jordan’s strong relations as neighbours and one country.

Hezam Al Hezam, the Saudi academic and political analyst, used the hashtag to announce a donation to Jordan that worth $20 million.

Translation: “I announce my personal support to Jordan by $20 million, and I will call the Jordanian embassy in UK to receive the money. This is all only for Allah’s sake.”

Some users took it into more controversial territory, saying:

Translation: “Historically, Jordan’s King deserves to rule Hijaz more than anyone, that has all Muslim religious sites as part of it, including Mecca, Al Mesha’r, Muzdalifah and Mina. Therefore, Saudi Arabia must give half of the revenue of Hajj, estimated at $20 billions to Jordan before Jordan regains its sovereignty over it.

Amjad Taha, analyst based in UK, suggested the Saudis go to Jordan during this summer for their vacations instead of going to Turkey that supports Iran, the Saudi bitter rival.

Translation: “To support the economy of our people in Jordan and as they have beautiful nature, markets and historical attractions, we better spend this summer’s vacation in Jordan and boycott Turkey.. Iran’s ally.”

Qataris, who have their country in dispute with its Gulf neighbours for a year now, had another opinion.

Translation: “After they pressured it economically to pass the “Deal of the Century”, the hypocrites are saying: “Jordan and Saudi Arabia is one country”!! They call Jordan to a quadruple meeting to support it economically in exchange for abandoning Jerusalem, in clear words it mean: “We fill your bellies to steal your dignity”, but they are wrong! Jordanians die hungry but they don’t die humiliated.. If you understood or not, that is your problem..”

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