Saudi women announce boycott of Uber

Saudi women announce boycott of Uber
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Published June 5th, 2016 - 09:30 GMT via

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Woman in niqab snaps a photo with her phone
Woman in niqab snaps a photo with her phone
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The recent deal between Uber and Saudi Arabia has made waves in the business world as one of the largest investments in a private company in history. At $3.5 billion, it’s a hefty some to be paid to the growing tech company whose drivers provide a quick ride in over 450 cities and 70 countries around the world to anyone with the app installed on their smartphone.

Though the Saudi government has praised the deal as a move that will ensure the success of it’s Vision 2030 plan, not everyone in the kingdom is thrilled about the idea. Some see the Saudi government’s investment in Uber as a direct attack on future reforms that might allow women the right to drive, and many Saudi women are speaking out against the idea and threatening to boycott the Uber service. The hashtag #سعوديات_يعلن_مقاطعة_اوبر  (Saudi women announce boycott of Uber) trended on Twitter as women spoke out against the deal.


Many women lashed out in anger on twitter, concerned that the major repercussion of such a deal is further subjugation of Saudi women.


Some, like the woman below, chastised the government for investing in Uber at the expense of women. Worsening the situation that, in her view, the government placed them in.




It is illegal for women to drive in Saudi Arabia, forcing the country’s female population to resort to paid drivers or applications like Careem and Uber to get around. Though recent attempts have been made to promote reform and change the laws, none have borne fruit and the situation for women in the Kingdom remains unchanged.  


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