Saudis to Donald 'Islam Hates Us' Trump: 'Hella Fiik'

Published May 17th, 2017 - 11:51 GMT
Trump, who spoke of the "Muslim problem" during his campaign, will give a speech on Islam during his visit to Saudi Arabia (Flickr)
Trump, who spoke of the "Muslim problem" during his campaign, will give a speech on Islam during his visit to Saudi Arabia (Flickr)

As US President Trump prepares to land in Riyadh on Friday, Saudis are offering up a traditional Middle Eastern welcome via the nonconventional mode of social media.

The hashtag “Trump is welcome in the nation of resoluteness” has taken over in the Twitter-crazy kingdom as POTUS’ visit approaches.


You’re welcome!

Still, not everyone is thrilled.

Only a moron would welcome a moron like him, and only a despicable person would encourage the fools to welcome the dummy. This scoundrel is not worthy even of a spit in the face.

This might have something to do with the fact that Trump has previously said of Saudi Arabia that it “wouldn’t exist” without US assistance and that it was Saudi Arabia that “blew up the World Trade Center”. During the election campaign he even accused much-loved philanthropic prince Alwaleed bin Talal of wanting to “control US politicians with daddy’s money.”

More than anything, the prospect of Trump, who infamously said that “Islam hates us", giving a speech on Islam has raised eyebrows. The creator of the wildly unpopular so-called “Muslim ban” is to take part in an international Islamic Summit during his visit.

"The speech is intended to unite the broader Muslim world against common enemies of all civilization and to demonstrate America's commitment to our Muslim partners," American National Security Adviser H R McMaster has said of the upcoming talk.

Many have expressed their cynicism...

Trump is not interested in Islam nor in Muslims. All his interest is in Gulf 'rice', and how to 'milk the cow'

Still, Saudi enthusiasm for the racist - sorry Commander - in Chief is undeniable and I think I might know why...

How I see it, is why are they welcoming Trump when they didn't welcome Obama when he used to visit - or is it because of his daughter that he has gained value and prestige??

Well, either it’s passion for Ivanka or enthusiasm for the proposed 100 billion dollar weapons package he is expected to bring with him.

The deal would reverse President Obama’s suspension of some arms deliveries over concerns that they were being used against civilians in Yemen. Over 10,000 Yemenis have died so far in the conflict that began in March 2015.

It's not just with the Saudi twitterati that Trump is popular. He got on swimmingly with Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman when he made a White House visit in March. The Prince called the President “a true friend of Muslims.”

So, it’s safe to say then that the controversial US leader will be getting a big old “ahlan wa sahlan” when he lands in Saudi this weekend.


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