'Semiliterate Monkeys': Fox News Host Slams Iraqi's in 2008 Video Rant

Published March 13th, 2019 - 01:01 GMT

Recently-published recordings of Fox News host, Tucker Carlson in which he makes racist remarks against Iraqis are still making waves, with the host is refusing to apologize.

It all started after a US left-leaning watchdog called Media Matters released a couple of audio clips of the “Tucker Carlson Tonight” host making offensive remarks on-air while speaking on a radio show called “Bubba the Love Sponge Show” between 2006-2008.

In the recordings, Carlson can be heard referring to Iraqis as “semiliterate primitive monkeys," adding they “don’t use toilet paper or forks.”

He also ridiculed former president Barack Obama saying “I don’t know how black he is. How is he black?”.

The recordings, dated back to 2006 and 2008, were released a day after the same watchdog, that refers to itself as a non-profit organization established to correct the “conservative misinformation in the US media,” released audio of Carlson “using misogynistic language and seemingly condoning child rape”. Media Matters is strongly affiliated with the Democratic Party in the USA, and has a history of working to deplatform spakers on the right. Nevertheless, the unearthed video has landed Tucker in hot water.

Also, the timing of releasing the recordings came when Fox News was set to meet advertisers on Wednesday in the aim to give advertisers “a deeper understanding” of the network in advance of their meeting, as Media Matters claimed.

However, Carlson went to Twitter after the audiotapes were released and widely shared to express his refusal to apologize saying he won’t express “the usual ritual contrition." He also called Media Matters as a “George Soros-funded lobbying organization whose sole mission is to punish critics of the Democratic Party.”

Carlson, a US conservative political commentator has been working for Fox News since 2009. It is not the first time he stirred controversy. Earlier in 2018, he faced a backlash after suggesting that migrants make the US “poorer, dirtier and more divided."

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