Shocking Video Shows ‘ISIS Wife’ Justify Sexual Abuse of Yazidi Slaves

Published March 11th, 2019 - 01:41 GMT

Shocking video of a woman member of ISIS justifying how 'sex slaves' can be raped according to the Quran has been going viral among Twitter users.

The video shows an unidentified woman, dubbed as an “ISIS Wife” while speaking to another on the treatment of Yazidi women under the rule of ISIS in northern Iraq and Syria.

This came about when ISIS militants came to consider Yazidis as devil worshippers and saught to exterminate them and which led to their expulsion and exile. Many of their women were forced into sexual slavery after their husbands were massacred by ISIS fighters in 2014 and their heartland, Sinjar, taken over by ISIS.

Wearing abaya and covering her face with the black niqab, the woman says how Yazidi women “were prisoners of war, and they became slaves, it is in the Quran” she claims.

She goes then to say that in Islam, one is “allowed to use” sex slaves because they become their “property”.

The other woman can then be heard asking whether Yazidi slaves can be treated this way according to the “Islamic way” when the ISIS wife said: “I don’t know much about the Quran”.

The video was credited to the Women’s Movement in Rojava/North Syria called Star Congress Diplomacy Rojava. The ISIS wife was not identified but it is believed to be originally from outside Iraq and Syria. However, the video was recorded inside a refugee camp in northern Syria.

The video took Twitter by storm and attracted thousands of views and retweets.

Many users have also agreed that this video revealed the real mindset behind ISIS fighters and those who joined the bloody outfit, as they are all being brainwashed with receiving zero knowledge about religious education.

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