Social media questions prankster's airline discrimination story

Published December 22nd, 2016 - 08:46 GMT
Saleh has won Youtube popularity through filming his pranks (Wikimedia Commons)
Saleh has won Youtube popularity through filming his pranks (Wikimedia Commons)

After well-known Youtube star Adam Saleh claimed he and his friend were removed from a Delta airlines flight in London for “speaking Arabic”, social media was quick to respond with a movement to #BoycottDelta.


However, details of the incident, and Saleh’s past behavior, have since emerged to undermine his account, inspiring a considerable backlash.

While Delta airlines initial responded by saying that they take accusations of discrimination “very seriously”, they later released a statement asserting that the two customers had been removed from the flight after they “sought to disrupt the cabin with provocative behavior, including shouting.”

Many have also pointed out that Saleh has a history of being deliberately provocative for the benefit of his more than two million Youtube followers. In 2014 he produced a staged video in which he claimed to be the victim of racial profiling from a New York police officer, which was later debunked by the Smoking Gun.

Others have called into question Saleh's personal morality and political views:

Whatever the details of this particular incident, it is undeniable that Muslim passengers, as well as Arabs and people of Asian origin in general, have faced many cases of discrimination on American, British and other airlines.

One Muslim blogger shared the following yesterday:

In December 2015 a British Muslim family were prevented by US authorities from flying to America to see family and visit Disneyland. No explanation was given. In August this year, a British Muslim health worker was detained under terrorism laws on return from her honeymoon, after reading a “suspicious” book of Syrian poetry on a flight from Turkey.


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