Social media users react with scorn to Obama's Saudi Arabia visit

Published April 20th, 2016 - 12:01 GMT
Obama arrives in Riyadh on Weds. April 20, 2016. (photo: Twitter/khennessey)
Obama arrives in Riyadh on Weds. April 20, 2016. (photo: Twitter/khennessey)

As Obama landed in Saudi Arabia today for a one-day visit to the country, social media users reacted with contempt. 

"Obama is gonna bow down before his masters yet again," said one Twitter user.  

"President of racist country unwelcome as the Saudi student unwelcome in your country," wrote another, likely referring to reports of Saudi students in Idaho who have faced racist threats and beatings recently. 

Others noted with scorn that the Saudi ruler, King Salman Bin Abdulaziz, did not arrive to the airport to greet Obama--even though he did so recently for other Gulf rulers like the crown prince of Abu Dhabi and an official from Oman. 

"Kng Salman [sic] received Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed by himself in the airport, let Obama choke on this," said one tweep named Khaled Al Ali.

Another user joked, "tell him I can not receive him at the airport he could take a taxi on me, i will see him later ;)" 

Others were more grave. "[The] message is clear. the Saudis feel betrayed. #irandeal #syria" said one. 

Saudi television chose not to cover Air Force One landing in Riyadh, allegedly because King Salman "snubbed" the US leader. 

Obama was set to have a one-on-one meeting with King Salman on Wednesday before the six-day Gulf Cooperation Council summit begin Thursday, the Associated Press reported.

Obama will not stay for the whole summit, though: he will only be in Saudi Arabia for about 24 hours before flying to Europe for more meetings with world leaders. 


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