Is Syrian Intelligence Tracking Up to 9000 Jordanians?

Published November 6th, 2018 - 02:15 GMT
The Jaber-Nasib border crossing between Jordan and Syria was opened in October 2018 after seven years of closure.(AFP/FilePhoto)
The Jaber-Nasib border crossing between Jordan and Syria was opened in October 2018 after seven years of closure.(AFP/FilePhoto)

As Jordanians have been celebrating the re-opening of borders with Syria after seven years of war, the arrest of a Jordanian man who was travelling in Syria with his mother is causing concern in Amman.

The Jordanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates confirmed the news announcing they are following the case with the Syrian authorities.

The Jordanian man who was identified by social media users as Yaqoub Aqrabawi, was detained in Damascus while he was on a trip with his mother. The Jordanian authorities confirmed his mother returned back to Amman safe.

Translation: “For the first time, Jordanian citizen got arrested on Syrian borders, and he had disappeared five days ago. According to circulating news, the man was going for “tourism” with his family and he got arrested in front of his mother! So far, no clear reason for his arrest. In fact, you don’t need a reason to get arrested in Syria. Dear Jordanians, your life is more expensive than a tomato box.”

Many Jordanians were shocked and frustrated after celebrating the re-opening of the Jaber-Nasib Border Crossing on October 15, 2018 which offered them ability to travel freely to Syria, they are now facing the danger of being arrested in Syria for no clear reason.

Translation: “Jordan’s Foreign Ministry confirmed a Jordanian man got arrested in Syria lately. Tag any Jordanian who still insists that occupied Syria is fine now.”

Some Jordanians were opposed to celebrating the opening of the border, as the war in Syria has not ended yet and it suggests that Assad will remain President.

Translation: “I am not going to gloat, and with all sympathy with the Jordanian who got arrested in Syria, I say he deserved the punishment of his double standards. Did we forget that the butcher still rules Syria!”

Meanwhile, random media reports emerged about lists for more than 9000 names for Jordanians who are targeted by Syrian government to be arrested.

Translation: “After leaks of list that contains names of more than 9000 Jordanians who are targeted by the Syrian intelligence, I think every Jordanian must rethink his plans to visit Syria before going to the neighbour who is not trusted.”

Few hours later, the Syrian Chargé d'Affaires to Jordan, Ayman Alloush dismissed the reports saying it is all “made-up”.

Since re-opening the borders, Jordanian authorities reported tens of thousands of Jordanians crossed over the border to visit Syria, including businessmen, merchants and investors who have seen the re-opening as their chance to revive business in the neighbouring country.

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