These dark caricatures show who’s blaming who for Hajj stampede

Published September 28th, 2015 - 10:20 GMT
Accusations are flying over who is to blame for the catastrophic Hajj stampede on Saturday. (AFP/File)
Accusations are flying over who is to blame for the catastrophic Hajj stampede on Saturday. (AFP/File)

The dust may be settling around the Hajj stampede disaster, but online the blame is still flying.

Iran's been throwing punches at Saudi Arabia's safety lapses, while Saudi officials have been baselessly blaming African pilgrims for instigating the crush. 

Plenty more theories have also been hitting the Internet. As we reported earlier today, some users say cutting down country quotas to attend the annual pilgrimage could mean a less crowded — and perhaps safer — Mecca. But what about the other rumors surrounding this horrific disaster? 

Like most things unfolding in the Middle East today, this scene is ripe with conspiracies. The last few days on social media have seen many of them come to light, with caricatures in languages spanning Turkish, Farsi and Arabic darkly reflecting on the confounding situation. They suggest everything from an Iranian master plan to steal Mecca, to (of course) a Zionist plot to bring down the Arab world.

Have a suspicion? It's probably already online.

Take one Turkish caricature, for instance, featuring two Turkish actors. The overlay says the celebrities were seen moments before the stampede hit. Coincidence? We think not!

And of course, some are much more serious. Have a look at our picks below, from the ridiculous to the thought provoking, via Twitter.

Here, the tunnel's sign reads: "Cars only," while the banner says "in Hajj your awareness is you safety." 



Murad yalemdar and tolgham sayshman (two Turkish actors) where at the location of the stampede a few minutes before it happened. 



Iran has the biggest number of deaths an injuries, their group must have caused the accident.



No one knows where he will die, but what a great death, they will go straight to heaven.



Salman (the Saudi King) is a killer.



The Iranians came in the wrong direction in a big mass and caused the accident, I saw them in my own eye. 



The accident was caused because the exit gates were closed as some VIPs passed the area, according to New York Times.



This banner reads, "In short, this is the truth."





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