'They Meddle in Everything!' Young Girl Slays Iranian Religious Police on the Metro (Video)

Published June 11th, 2018 - 12:22 GMT
Women protest the mandatory hijab law in Iran. (AFP/File Photo)
Women protest the mandatory hijab law in Iran. (AFP/File Photo)

Video footage of an Iranian young girl clashing with a group of women from the “morality police” went viral earlier this week.

In the video, three women wearing a 'chador' began shouting at the girl who kicked them away, while shouting: “I wear what I want. None of your business. You are not my parents.” Before the metro officer interferes to stop the clash telling the women from religious police not to intervene.

The girl continues: “How dare you meddle in everything?... They meddle in everything.”

The video was widely shared among social media users bringing the compulsory wearing of hijab topic and the morality police to lights.

Iranians used hashtag: “گشت ارشاد” in Persian, that means: Guidance Patrol to condemn the acts of the Islamic religious police known as “morality police” carried out with impunity in the name of law.

As the main task for the morality police is to impose Islamic dress codes and norms of conduct in public among people, several incidents took place recently in Iran in which morality police women attack girls for not wearing a hijab or even if it was loose or worn in a wrong way.

Earlier, a video footage went viral on the internet of a woman being wrestled to the floor by morality police officers because her hijab was loose. The video resulting in a public outcry raising, as voices began calling for dropping the mandatory hijab law.

The mandatory hijab law in Iran has been a controversial topic among Iranians as dozens of women are being arrested lately, for protesting the law that undermines people’s freedoms in a way that also distorts religion.

A study released by the Center for Strategic Studies, which operates as part of the Iranian president's office, showed that dissatisfaction against the mandatory hijab law is growing notably in the last few years. Moreover, the Iranian current President, Hassan Rouhani has earlier expressed his opposition to the law but his constitutional powers are limited.

In fact, Iran is not the only country in the world that have the “morality police.” In Saudi Arabia, there is an agency of the Saudi government called the Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice (known as Haia), who were known for their wooden sticks they use to strike anyone who is violating the Sharia Law.

Haia tasks were pretty similar to those of the morality police of Iran before they were stripped of their powers in April 2016, and they are only left with the responsibility of observing suspects and forward them to the regular police.

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