Trevor Noah's Jokes on India-Pakistan Tensions Trigger Public Outcry With Sick Humour Bashed!

Published March 6th, 2019 - 12:05 GMT
(Screenshot/The Daily Show)
(Screenshot/The Daily Show)

The Daily Show host, Trevor Noah has been facing an outcry sparked by his Indian viewers after joking about the Indian-Pakistani rising tensions.

On his last episode during the weekend, the South African-born comedian has spoken about the violence between India and Pakistan over the disputed lands of Kashmir.

Noah goes to say that he “hopes India and Pakistan don’t go to war”, yet if they went into a war, it would be the most entertaining and longest war of all time, mocking Bollywood stereotypes by singing and dancing about how the Indian soldiers will look like in the battlefield.

The joke that had the audience bursting into laughter has obviously angered many Indians who went to social media to express it.

Videos for the sketch have been circulating social media with users accusing Noah of “insensitivity” for joking about a war where tens of people are being killed.

Between accusations of crossing the line, making a racist joke and using stereotypes to mock people dying in a war, some people went to defend Noah and his sarcastic way of discussing serious news. In addition to the fact that the host’s past with war and racism will not make him “insensitive”, however, this is his way of discussing issues.

The comedian who has earlier joked about his mother being shot in the head in South Africa went to immediately apologize to his audience and explain how he processes pain and discomfort through comedy.

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