Twitter’s Dubai HQ ِAccused of Being Infiltrated by Saudi Agents

Published November 8th, 2018 - 02:18 GMT
Twitter's headquarters in San Francisco in US. (FilePhoto)
Twitter's headquarters in San Francisco in US. (FilePhoto)

Twitter is now facing an uproar after media reports accused their regional headquarters in Dubai of having spies who work in favour of the Saudi and Emirati governments.

It all started with reports that a Saudi dissident journalist who has been arrested earlier this year in the Kingdom was killed under torture. The news was confirmed by the Saudi Prisoners of Conscious Twitter account.

The Saudi journalist, Abdul Aziz Al-Jasser is the second Saudi government-critic who has been killed over the past month, after Jamal Khashoggi’s murder that sparked serious consequences world wide.

Al-Jasser was believed to be secretly running a Twitter account; called Khashkool. The account was reporting human rights conditions in Saudi Arabia in addition to criticizing the Saudi royal family; the House of Saud.

Meanwhile, some reports suggested that Al-Jasser was detained by Saudi authorities after their spies in Twitter’s regional HQ pursued him and helped the government to arrest him in March 2018.

The Emirati Center for Studies and Media, Emask, also cited Stockholm-based organization, Skyline, urging Twitter to close their regional headquarters in Dubai and launch an immediate investigation in reported human rights violations in favour of the region governments.

Accordingly, Twitter was urged to immediately reveal the reasons that led the tech-giant to choose Dubai to be their regional center. Despite the endless violations committed by UAE government toward human rights.

The reports had captured attention of Twitter users who went to ask for more details on the issue urding Twitter to reveal all details related to this issue.

Translation: “Watch out when it comes to Twitter. Here is some advice, they don’t have any credibility and they cooperate with the Saudi government to reveal information about their dissidents. It is all from their regional office in Dubai.”

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