Twitter lampoons rumors of Nusra Front split from Al-Qaeda

Published July 24th, 2016 - 11:44 GMT
Nusra Front members in Aleppo, Syria (AFP/Fadi al-Halabi)
Nusra Front members in Aleppo, Syria (AFP/Fadi al-Halabi)

Twitter erupted with rumors that Nusra Front may formally split from Al-Qaeda in the coming days Sunday. Multiple sources reported that the Syrian militant group and Al-Qaeda’s Syrian affiliate is presently discussing the move internally, and may opt to split. In a series of tweets, noteable Syria analyst Charles Lister speculated that if a split were to occur it may not go smoothly and could involve only part of the group splitting, nothing at all, or a myriad of other scenarios.

The rumors produced remarkably hilarious tweets, a few of the best of which are below.

Some made political points as well. Here, @Ali_Kourani argues that Nusra Front would remain radical Islamists if the split were to occur, but as they’d no longer be officially Al-Qaeda, some western observers would support them.

Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri appeared to give Nusra Front permission to split from Al-Qaeda in May of this year.

All this being said, these are only rumors up until now. Whether a Nusra Front-Al-Qaeda “divorce” is truly in the works remains to be seen.

Adam Lucente

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