(VIDEO) Palestinian engineer loses arm after being shot by an Israeli soldier... So he builds a new one!

Published June 15th, 2016 - 11:24 GMT
Ahmed Sajdeyya and the prosthetic arm he developed (Facebook)
Ahmed Sajdeyya and the prosthetic arm he developed (Facebook)

Ahmed Sajdeyya, a graduate of Birzeit University's engineering program, lost his arm in November 2014 after being struck by an Israeli bullet during a demonstration in the Qanlandia refugee camp just north of Jerusalem. Just two years later, Sajdeyye has a new arm - one that he designed and built wth 3 colleagues from his university.

Using a 3D printer to create each piece and various softwares to program the device, the mechanical arm moves by sensing the user's muscle movements, allowing for the user to naturally grasp objects and complete basic tasks. It can move each finger individually, and Ahmed and his colleagues believe that with further development and research it can improve to complete a wider variety of tasks and look more natural when worn by the user.

Sajdeyya's injury is not particularly unique. Clashes in the West Bank between Palestinians and Israeli military are common, sometimes leading to the injury or death of protestors. In recent months, periodic bouts of violence has rocked the region with a number of stabbing incidents against Israelis as well as an increased incidence of military raids in the West Bank

Sajdeyya added that he is currently searching for sponsors to support his project, and hopes to share his invention with as many people as he can who suffer from similar circumstances. Recently, Sajdeyya and his colleagues released a video showing the arm in operation and completing a number of basic tasks during its first public demonstration.

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