This is what happens when Dubai thinks it's losing alcohol

Published September 27th, 2015 - 09:26 GMT
Twitter doesn't like the idea of a sober UAE. (Shuttershock)
Twitter doesn't like the idea of a sober UAE. (Shuttershock)

A new rumor circulating social media has users in Dubai worried happy hour's over for good. Following the death last week of 34-year-old Sheikh Rashid bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Watar news agency posted a story claiming Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Dubai Emir Mohamed Bin Rashed issued a decree banning alcohol and prostitution in the city.

The eldest of the ruler's children, Rashid Al Maktoum died of a heart attack last Saturday.

The myth was soon debunked, but not before a social media storm dug up Abu Dhabi's Hindu temple, Daesh (ISIS) and America's Prohibition era. Enjoy.


From the ultra religious:

Thank you Mohamed Bin Rashed, we hope Bahrain will follow suit.. Let's not forget that life on earth is for the flesh...


To refences of the US's own attempts to stem the boozy flow:

Other users mused on the possibility this was the father's way of making up for his son's partying ways. The one below is either dripping with sarcasm or just a blind royalist guarding the sordid reputation of the deceased.

His late son wanted this so bad, so the ruler implemented it after his death in respect of his wishes. Long live the Emiratis!

And plenty more.


 A sober Daesh has done more damage in just a few years than alcohol since its creation.



 This is how Saudi citizens look after this decision to ban alcohol in Dubai.




There are much worse things than alcohol in Dubai -- like 'that' Hindu temple for starters. [Idolatry and alcohol are both banned in Islam, we all saw what Saudis had to say about that temple].

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