Who’s the Niqabi woman killing Daesh militants?

Published September 28th, 2016 - 02:22 GMT
ISIS supporters wave their infamous black flag in a demonstration. (AFP/File)
ISIS supporters wave their infamous black flag in a demonstration. (AFP/File)

Other than coalition airstrikes and the Iraqi military, Daesh militants may have a new enemy to fear - a niqabi assassin.

According to a report by Iraqi news agency Al Sumeria, a veiled woman shot two Daesh (ISIS) militants dead with a silenced weapon in Mosul early Monday morning - the third attack of its type on Daesh in their largest city through the month of September.

A local source told Al Sumeria that a veiled woman killed the two militants at a security checkpoint manned by the militant organization near the al-Namaniya neighborhood in Mosul. The incident pushed Daesh to surround the residential neighborhood in search of the perpetrator.

The presence of such attacks are evidently worrisome for Daesh, which continues to lose ground and face local opposition in the areas it controls.

The same source, who preferred not to be named, told Al Sumeria that though attacks by veiled women on their ranks are not absurd, Daesh believes that the attacks have likely been carried out by men trained in silenced weaponry using the niqab as cover.

The decision comes off contested rumors that Daesh may be banning full-face veils in some of its operational centers - though such claims have not be confirmed by international media.

Indeed, using the veil for military purposes is not unprecedented. During the Algerian War for Independence, women would sometimes transport explosives or military goods while wearing traditional clothing.

Daesh has controlled Mosul since June 2014. Their reign in the city, despite some popular support for their rule, has proved disastrous for some and fatal for others. Plans are in place for the Iraqi government and its Shia militia allies to retake Mosul, but Daesh opposition, coordination with Kurdish peshmerga forces and the threat of chemical and biological weapons being used against them looms over any attempt to liberate the city.


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