For Wolf Blitzer Saving US Jobs Justifies Killing Thousands in Yemen (Video)

Published June 10th, 2018 - 12:29 GMT
The Saudi-led coalition first launched in 2015 and the end is not even near.
(AFP/ File Photo)
The Saudi-led coalition first launched in 2015 and the end is not even near. (AFP/ File Photo)

For Wolf Blitzer, CNN’s anchor of the Situation Room, war in Yemen and killing thousands of civilians is not a "moral issue." 

A forgotten clip dated back to 2016 became viral on the internet, showing Blitzer in an interview with Senator Rand Paul on CNN where they are discussing the US intervention in Yemen’s war and killing thousands of civilians.

The clip shows the Senator, who is a strong opponent for US involvement in Yemen’s war, condemning the US “refueling” to Saudi Arabia-led coalition with bombers which makes the US part of the “bombing campaign” in which tens of thousands of civilians were killed in the war-torn country.

Blitzer then responded: “So for you, this is a moral issue?” And he continues: “There’s a lot of jobs at stake. Certainly if a lot of these defense contractors stop selling war planes… to Saudi Arabia, there’s going to be a significant loss of jobs, of revenue here in the United States.”

In response, the senator replied: “Well not only is it a moral question, its a constitutional question.” He then pointed out that Obama’s administration is behind partnering with Saudi Arabia to enter the war without a Congressional approval which isn’t any of the president’s powers “to go to war.”

The video that was re-published in April 2018 drew shock among Americans, as Blitzer appeared to favor killing civilians rather than losing jobs of Americans.

Stressing on Blitzer’s question when he asked Paul, “So for you, this is a moral issue?” Social media users slammed him back.


In fact, after three years of attacks launched by Saudi-led coalition on Yemen, the US intervention in Yemen is not getting any closer to an end. President Donald Trump made it clear that his administration will continue their intervention in Yemen. Few days after he took the office, Trump launched an attack leaving multiple of civilians’ deaths.

According to Amnesty International, several European countries have suspended arms transfers to the Saudi Arabia and the UAE, while on the other hand, other countries led by the US and UK, are continuing to supply coalition members with huge amounts of advanced equipment.

Ironically, the UK and the US are both parties of the Arms Trade Treaty that aim to reduce human suffering, making it unlawful to transfer weapons where there is a high risk weapons will be used to commit violations of international law.

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