Woman Stops Traffic & Takes Off Hijab in Middle of Busy Tehran Square

Published October 30th, 2018 - 11:17 GMT
Iranian woman stood up and protested the compulsory laws in Enqelab Square in Tehran. (Socialmedia)
Iranian woman stood up and protested the compulsory laws in Enqelab Square in Tehran. (Socialmedia)

Another young Iranian woman stood up in Iran and protested the compulsory hijab laws in Iran in a defiant civil resistance movement in Tehran.

The woman stands in the middle of a dome-shaped square in Tehran waving balloons and holding her scarf has circulated across online channels. The video shows tens of passersby stopping to watch the young lady.

While the girl’s identity was not identified, social media users confirmed she was arrested by police who rushed to the square, took her down and went to the nearest police station.

The video captured attention of social media users in the Middle East and around the world. It comes in a time while several Iranian women are going to prison for trying to protest and express disobedience to the discriminatory laws of Iran, including the compulsory hijab law that requires all women to cover their heads in public.

The young woman was applauded for her courage and activism.

According to social media users, the woman was standing at the Enqelab (Revolution) avenue in Tehran; the square where Vida Movahhed, one of the first Iranian women to protest the compulsory hijab went out in last December and  took off her headscarf, tied it to a stick and waved it in the air, until the security forces rushed in and took her away.

Tens of Iranian women followed Movahhed footsteps and went to streets taking off their headscarves demanding freedom of choice from the Iranian authorities.

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