Mafraq Hospital expands its Day Surgery Unit

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Published June 1st, 2011 - 11:00 GMT

Mafraq Hospital, which is owned and operated by the Abu Dhabi Health Services Company PJSC (SEHA), has announced plans to expand its Day Surgery Unit in order to improve access to outpatient care in the UAE. The Unit, which opened in August 2009 currently treats an average of 140 patients each month and will accommodate 1,750 patients over the next year.  

“Day Surgery, which is literally surgery completed in a day with no overnight stay in a hospital, is not an option for every patient, but research has shown that nearly 70 percent of the inpatient procedures executed worldwide can safely be performed as day surgeries, nearly all of them with fewer side effects and faster recovery times than similar inpatient procedures,” says Dr. Magdi Shehata, Chief of Day Surgery at Mafraq Hospital. 

Mafraq Hospital plans to develop its current systems to improve access to quality healthcare for all surgical patients. “The expansion will result in shorter wait times before surgery, superior customer care, increased space and resources for emergency procedures and an overall improvement in patient welfare and satisfaction,” explained Mafraq Hospital Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Mohammad Yaman. 

“Approximately 610 patients are admitted to Mafraq Hospital for inpatient surgery each month, yet roughly 40 percent of these cases could be performed safely as outpatient procedures, allowing patients to return to the comfort of their own homes within a matter of hours,” said Dr. Shehata. 

Day Surgery is most often recommended for short, minimally invasive procedures which carry little to no risk of post-operative complications.  Such procedures can include colonoscopies, tonsillectomies and hernia repairs.  Mafraq Hospital is rapidly becoming a Center of Excellence for minimally invasive surgeries so expanding its day surgery operations was a natural step.

According to the World Health Organisation, there are numerous benefits to day surgery, including a significantly smaller risk of infection when compared to inpatient procedures, a reduced disruption to patients’ daily routines, less time off work, a faster recovery time, less pain, and an increase in patient autonomy. 

According to Dr. Shehata, as surgical treatment becomes less invasive, there is a global trend moving from inpatient to outpatient treatment. He explains: “We have observed that most patients in Europe and North America prefer the efficiency and increased comfort of day surgery versus inpatient procedures. This is not yet the case in the UAE, but we are confident that this expansion will change that; it will result in greater access and increased flexibility to our patients. This is an opportunity for Mafraq Hospital to pioneer outpatient care in the UAE.” 

Mr. Carl Stanifer, Chief Executive Officer of Abu Dhabi Health Services Company- SEHA states: “A strong and well-used day surgery unit means that we can focus our resources where they are needed most. The Mafraq Day Surgery Unit is taking an innovative approach to outpatient care and we believe this will result in an increase in the already high quality of care offered to patients at Mafraq Hospital.” 

Mafraq Hospital is managed by Bumrungrad International, one of the most renowned hospital management companies in Asia, recognized internationally for its commitment to patient care and customer service.  

The Mafraq Hospital Day Surgery Unit is currently open from 7am until 10pm, 5 days a week.

Background Information

Mafraq Hospital

Mafraq Hospital is a 451-bed referral treatment institution, located about 35 km south-east of the UAE capital and serving one of the fastest-growing areas in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. With around 2,000 professional staff, Mafraq's services include medicine, obstetrics, and pediatrics, as well as surgical and critical care services that support the trauma program. It also operates the largest burn unit in the country.

SEHA HealthSystem

SEHA is the corporate marketing name of Abu Dhabi Health Services Company, an independent public joint stock company that owns and operates all public hospitals and clinics across the emirate. ‘SEHA’ is a phonetic rendering of the Arabic word for health.

The company was established by Emiri Decree No 10 of 2007 and is a leading participant in the reform of Abu Dhabi’s healthcare sector. The reform seeks to upgrade and improve healthcare delivery to the public at a level comparable to the finest healthcare systems in the world. The program began by separating management and regulation – SEHA assumed responsibility for public healthcare centers and hospitals, while Health Authority-Abu Dhabi (HA-AD) was established to regulate the public and private sectors. The two organizations replaced the General Authority for Health Services (GAHS), previously responsible for both roles.

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