Bahrain CP says some elements seek to block dialogue, reform

Published February 28th, 2011 - 04:04 GMT
Bahrain rally
Bahrain rally

Bahrain's Crown Prince Salman said on Monday efforts were underway to open talks with the opposition, amid anti-government protests. "The steps we have taken in the last few days have calmed the situation and helped restore life in Bahrain to normal in preparation for dialogue," Prince Salman said in a statement cited by state news agency BNA.

However, "some continue to seek to block reform," he said, adding, "such disruption only harms the interests of the people of Bahrain."

Meanwhile, hundreds of mainly Shiite protesters marched out of Pearl Square towards the kingdom's appointed chamber of parliament on Monday, chanting: "The people want to topple the regime," and "Unity, national unity!"

They also carried banners that read "Bring down the Shura Council."

According to AFP, MP Jassem Hussein of the Shiite Islamic National Accord Association bloc said Monday the official resignation of the party's 18 members was still pending parliamentary approval. All of INAA's 18 MPs stepped down on Sunday in protest to the killing of seven demonstrators in recent protests. 


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