FDI in Arab markets down

Published July 31st, 2011 - 06:24 GMT

An annual report, issued by the Arab Institute for Investment Guarantee and Credit Export, on the investment climate in Arab countries in 2010 showed that the Group of Arab States attracted investments of about $64.3 billion dollars over the past year compared to 83.9 billion dollars in 2009, according to data available for 18 Arab countries.

The report noted that foreign direct investment flows received by the Arab countries decreased by 19.7 billion dollars, or 23.4%.  The decrease is due to local and international crises.

Saudi Arabia topped the list of countries receiving foreign direct investment in 2010 by 33.5%, despite dropping by 40.9% compared to 2009. Following Saudi Arabia, is Qatar receiving10.3% foreign direct investment, then Egypt with 9.9%, Lebanon with 7.7%, Morocco with 6.8%, UAE with 6.1%, Sudan with 5.7%, Libya with 4.8%, Algeria with 3.2%, Iraq with 3%, Syria with 2.9%, Jordan with 2.6%, Tunisia with 2.5%, Yemen with 0.3%, Bahrain with 0.2%, Kuwait with 0.12%, Mauritania with 0.09%, and Djibouti with 0.06%.

Only the following five Arab countries registered increases in investment inflows during 2009 and 2010: Lebanon, Morocco, Libya, Iraq and Mauritania.  Foreign direct investments decreased in the rest of the Arab countries. (Source: www.yallafinance.com)


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