Hizbullah prepared bank of Israeli targets, says Qassem

Published July 14th, 2010 - 12:20 GMT
Naim Qassem
Naim Qassem

Lebanon's Hizbullah No. 2, Sheikh Naim Qassem said in remarks published Wednesday that the Shiite group has prepared a "bank of Israeli targets," which will be used against the Jewish state in case of a new confrontation between the two sides.

Qasim told the Lebanese An Nahar daily: "Hizbullah worked to develop its readiness to be up to the challenge and we can say that the it made more progress than Israel in the past four years." However, Qasim said, "This does not mean that the war is knocjing on the doors."

Qasim stressed that "preparations made by the Resistance take into account all possible scenarios by air, land, sea in all Lebanon's territories." He noted that "the events of 2006 can be much smaller compared to those which might happen in the future."

On the recent tensions between local residents of south Lebanon and and UN peacekeeping forces, Qassem told Al-Nahar "these incidents" were due to mistakes committed by the international forces in contradiction to the U.N. resolution 1701. " He said: "It is natural to see the objection of the people, as these forces are moving heavily in their villages."

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