Morocco detains six terror suspects

Published December 27th, 2010 - 09:27 GMT
Morocco security forces
Morocco security forces

Moroccan authorities stated Monday they recently detained six Islamists suspected of using the Internet to plan acts of terror involving the use of car bombs both inside and outside the kingdom.

"Ring members developed considerable expertise in bomb-making" through the Internet and planned to "carry out acts of sabotage involving the use of car bombs," according to a statement issued by the interior ministry.It added the suspects were targetting "some foreign interests in the kingdom as well as several key national installations and security posts."

According to AFP, a security official said the six were arrested around December 10 in the northeastern towns of Oujda and Nador as well as in Casablanca. He said this marked the first time a cell "specializing in terrorism via the Internet is hunted down and arrested" by Moroccan security forces. 

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