Nasrallah warns Israel over "stealing" Lebanon gas

Published July 26th, 2011 - 08:44 GMT

Hizbullah secretary general Hasan Nasrallah on Tuesday warned Israel against carrying out any act that may lead to stealing Lebanon’s resources out of its territorial waters. The Shiite leader declared that whoever harms Lebanon's future maritime projects, will face the same damage and Israel knows that Lebanon is capable of such damage.

Elsewhere in his speech, Nasrallah said that the steadfastness of the resistance fighters was the most important factor that contributed to the victory achieved against the Israeli enemy in July 2006, in addition to some other factors including the determination, confidence, hope, faith and people’s steadfastness. He reiterated that the 2006 summer war has left dangerous repercussions on israel and its political present and future. He warned the Israeli enemy of seeking to approach Lebanon again and again. He vowed to achieve victory again in case any war erupts and confirmed that the resistance nowadays is stronger than ever.


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