Protesters attacked and wounded in Amman

Published March 25th, 2011 - 06:15 GMT
Jordan rally
Jordan rally

Several Jordanian protesters were wounded after "loyalists" of the government attacked their camp as police stood by. According to AFP, some 500 young people from different movements had camped out to call for reforms to the current regime and for corrupt leaders to be put on trial.

They were camped out next to the Interior Circle, or Gamal Abdel Nasser Square, in Amman. At nightfall on Thursday, police attempted to disperse the youths, cutting off electricity to the square. Later, a group of about 50 men gathered nearby and started to throw rocks at the youths.

Hundreds of Jordanian students had started the protest camp on Thursday in response to a call on the social network site Facebook. They chanted pro-reform slogans and called for corrupt officials to be put on trial.

Meanwhile, Jordan's Minister of State for Media Affairs and Information Taher Adwan said that reports about the entry of vehicles loaded with weapons and fighters from Jordan into the Syrian territory are "baseless." He said, in a statement to Jordan News Agency "Petra", that Jordan is keen on the security and stability of Syria, recalling the recent friendly telephone call "between King Abdullah II and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad."


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